The PSA Certified Ecosystem:

Giving You the Confidence to Create a More Secure Future for Businesses and Consumers

The PSA Certified 2021 Security Report found that 85% of tech decision-makers would be interested in industry collaboration and cross-market knowledge sharing regarding IoT security. PSA Certified, a global partnership offering a common IoT security framework and assurance scheme, is answering this call and delivering on its mission to democratize security.

PSA Certified is building an ecosystem that is collaborating to combat challenges, providing an industry-leading IoT security framework and certification program that is giving you, and your customers, the confidence to create.

Confidence to Create...The Solutions

How is IoT Security Blocking Innovation?

The PSA Certified 2021 Security Report surveyed more than 600 tech decision-makers globally and found that despite an acknowledgment of the importance of security, significant barriers to security implementation remain: 42% of respondents identified a lack of understanding and expertise around security as the main barrier to improving it, while 48% viewed the fragmentation of standards and regulations as the biggest challenge. Security is not something that can be solved by a single company.

We found an overwhelming desire from the industry for better ecosystem collaboration with 84% of tech decision-makers interested in an industry-led set of guidelines and processes to help build IoT security. By navigating the challenges of IoT security together, we can leverage the expertise from the value chain and build a realistic solution that unites the ecosystem under a common language.


of tech decision-makers consider the additional cost of security to be a top barrier to improving IoT security


of tech decision-makers consider the fragmentation of standards and regulations as a top challenge for IoT security


of tech decision-makers are interested in industry collaboration and cross-market knowledge sharing regarding IoT security

Confidence to Create the Solutions

Revealed: A Proactive Approach to Reduce IoT Security Costs

On November 10th, influential voices from across the IoT ecosystem came together to break down the true cost of insecurity, the benefits of taking a proactive approach to security, and how the industry can create new business models, efficiencies, and gain protection from third parties.

Sign up now to watch the recording and to gain early exclusive access to our official advisory paper which will be issued in December.

Confidence to Create...Together

Together the PSA Certified Ecosystem is Giving You the Confidence to Create

The PSA Certified ecosystem is continuing to go from strength to strength, with a growing number of silicon vendors, system software providers, and device manufacturers aligned to a single mission to build trust in the IoT. Broad adoption from silicon vendors and software providers has resulted in an increasing number of certified components that device manufacturers and module makers can trust to act as their secure foundation, reducing the security burden for OEMs and allowing them to leverage verified security expertise from the value chain.

Building on a secure foundation and industry best practice means we can protect our customers from the most common IoT attacks.

Dr. Juan Nogueria-Nine, Senior Director of connectivity, Flex

The PSA-RoT Is Providing a Secure Foundation

Partnerships are unlocking more ways to simplify and enhance device security for the IoT ecosystem, with IoT security initiatives such as IoXt Alliance and UL selecting the PSA Root of Trust as the foundational Root of Trust scheme and recognizing PSA Certified certifications within their evaluations.

Why create fragmentation, when we could just partner and inherit those test cases where we require a hardware Root of Trust?

Brad Ree, CTO, ioXt Alliance

PSA Certified Is Combating Fragmentation

Combating the issue of regulatory fragmentation, PSA Certified maps to major legislations including ETSI EN 303 645, NIST 8259A, and Californian State Law SB-327, simplifying alignment and facilitating the global applicability of products. Ecosystem support spans further with end-market industry bodies, including the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) recognize PSA Certified as an appropriate certification for their members. Our commitment to collaboration and defragmentation continues into the world of insurance, through a collaborative effort with world-leading reinsurance company Munich Re to combat the challenges of insuring the IoT.

Defined Root of Trust protocols that talk to nuanced issues can provide confidence and an easy win for insurers.

Peter Armstrong, The Senior Subject Matter Expert Cyber, Munich Re

PSA Certified: Embraced by the Electronics Industry

Head to our partner hub to hear more from our industry-leading partners and explore a range of PSA Certified use cases, partner stories, and case studies.

Confidence to Create...The Future

Securing the Industries of the Future with PSA Certified

As IoT products transform different industries we are beginning to see the emergence of a connected world with building automation driving smarter cities, legacy industrial applications becoming connected, and consumer IoT products gaining widespread adoption. To realize the true potential of these devices, and drive new data-driven services and efficiencies, we need to be able to trust the data. Trusted data is the key link between connected devices and digital transformation.

While each industry has its own security requirements and challenges, they all need trusted data, from trusted devices. To build a connected future, security best practices must be implemented into every connected device, ensuring they are built on a trusted foundation. The PSA Certified ecosystem is leading the way and driving the adoption of best practices across the electronics industry, providing the assurance to deploy devices at scale and giving you the confidence to create the future.

Smart Cities

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Consumer IoT

Discover how the IoT can transform industrial industries, the security challenges this brings and how PSA Certified can help.

Industrial IoT

As consumers continue to embrace the IoT their attitudes towards security are evolving, learn how we can meet these new expectations.

#beyondthenow IoT Security Podcast

Exploring the past, present and future of IoT security

Listen to the #beyondthenow IoT security podcast as we talk all things IoT security with PSA Certified partners and industry leaders including Dr. Sally Eaves, Bosch, AWS and ams OSRAM. We'll be dissecting the challenges of IoT security, the impact of this on different vertical markets, the lessons we can learn, and how we can collaborate to secure the future of the IoT.

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