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Revealed: How to Reduce the Cost of IoT Security

New Industry Advisory Paper Outlines Key Steps to Address IoT Security Challenges in 2022 and Shift the Economics of IoT

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To address the most pressing risks, a collective industry effort is needed. Collaboration is key and as we enter a new year, experts from across the IoT ecosystem have come together to present five actions that will reduce the cost of security and forge a more powerful connected future.


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Snapshot from the Advisory Paper

This report shares insight, knowledge and collective best practice from some of the leading minds working across the IoT ecosystem - from the government to cyber insurance firms to academia. Including:

  • The convergence of digital and physical worlds
  • How and why security is becoming more crucial
  • IoT security and the relationship to business resilience
  • The cost of security investment vs. the cost of insecurity
  • Reframing the narrative around security, including four industry imperatives
  • Outlining 5 actions to mitigate the cost of best practice security


Want to See How We Reached Our Conclusions?

Watch the on-demand roundtable where we discussed the challenges surrounding the economics of security in more to detail.

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