Modernizing Automotive Cybersecurity:

"Autonomous is 30 years away"

David is joined by Peter Busch (Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies Mobility at Bosch) to discuss expanding automotive cybersecurity and modernizing 100-year old protocols to take us beyond the now. We also touch on the difference between safety, security, and privacy, plus the role of digital fingerprints.

Peter Busch

Product Owner DLT Mobility, Robert BOSCH

David Maidment

Director, Secure Device Ecosystem, Arm

These devices not only share their data - they do business with each other.

Epsiode Notes

Key talking points in this episode: • More about Peter and Bosch [00:50] • What do we mean by mobility? [02:30] • Why is cybersecurity important for mobility and to Bosch? [03:29] • What does the cost of failure mean to a company like Bosch? Relationship between safety and security [04:57] • How has the role of manufacturers changed over time? How does the lifecycle of cars complicate things? [07:38] • The relationship between safety, security and privacy [09:30] • The role of data privacy in automotive and mobility [11:19] • The layers of architecture protecting mobility, the relationship between hardware and software [13:10] • What are the challenges with mobility and automotive cybersecurity? [14:10] • The role of digital fingerprints and the relationship with old hardware [16:30] • Entity Attestation Tokens [17:07] • Digital identities for automotive: using the example of car batteries [18:25] • Peter’s predictions for 5 year’s time (or 10 years!) for mobility[20:27] • Peter’s number one piece of advice for security [23:43]

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