Myth-busting: "Consumers Really Do Care About IoT Security"

Peter Stephens joins David to talk more about consumer IoT security concerns and some steps they can take to secure their homes and businesses. There is also a unique insight into governmental views on IoT security, artificial intelligence, and the DCMS approach to making the UK a more secure place when it comes to IoT devices.

Epsiode Featuring

Peter Stephens

Head of Secure By Design Cybersecurity, DCMS

David Maidment

Director, Secure Device Ecosystem, Arm

There is this narrative that consumers just don't care about security. Consumers really do care about security, but the problem we find is that consumers assume it's safe - because it's for sale.

Episode Notes

Key talking points in this episode:

  • Introducing Peter Stephens and the DCMS [00:45]
  • What is the current perception from consumers and IoT, what actually is an “IoT device” [02:18]
  • Debunking the myth that consumers don’t care about security [03:13]
  • Discussing the relationship between technology, security and insurance [04:41]
  • Consumers should only need to see the top of the “supply chain iceberg” [05:11]
  • Regulation is not as fragmented as you might think: there is consensus in the market already [05:55]
  • Why is IoT security regulation needed? [06:55]
  • Introducing the three components in the code of practise [08:05]
  • Manufacturer transparency: it’s key for success [08:55]
  • How smooth is the flow of conversation on IoT security between territories? [09:59]
  • The consumer does understand the importance and the notion of a security lifecycle [12:00]
  • What is the balance between the electronics industry and the regulation? [13:25]
  • The shift in consumer buying habits, protecting the high street and making it fair [18:15]
  • How important is it for the tech ecosystem to help governments? [19:55]
  • How the DCMS open-door policy works [21:14]
  • Artificial intelligence and the effects on security [22:30]
  • One piece of advice from Peter [26:25]

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