The Journey to Secure IoT:

“Secure today isn't secure forever”

In this podcast, David is joined by Brad Ree (CTO of the IoXT Alliance) to talk more about their journey to make IoT more secure for consumers. They also talk about the partnership between PSA Certified and IoXT Alliance and how it’s easing fragmentation in the IoT ecosystem.

Epsiode Featuring

Brad Ree

CTO IoXT Alliance

David Maidment

Director, Secure Device Ecosystem, Arm

Regulations are ramping up more and more, you really don’t want to go it alone! When things go wrong with security (which they always will go wrong) you don’t want to be on your own. Be part of the herd and don’t be left behind.

Episode Notes

Key talking points in this episode:

  • Introduction to IoXT Alliance. [01:00]
  • A bit more about Brad’s career history. [02:20]
  • The IoXT Alliance and why it was founded. [04:09]
  • We do have a shared vision to scale the market, unlocking issues. We obsess a lot about connectivity, cost, functionality but what about security?! [04:40]
  • We need security that is strong, easy to deploy, scale globally, scale worldwide and across the device spectrum. [05:41]
  • Security certification for fire trucks (!) [06:40]
  • Defining "good enough security" and setting bars that the industry can understand. [07:10]
  • Who are customers of the IoXT Alliance? Plus the struggle of navigating upcoming IoT legislation. [08:15]
  • Enabling devices that scale regulation. [10:30]
  • About IoXT Alliance and how the scheme works. Explaining the profiles and the certification scheme. [11:00]
  • QR codes replacing certification stamps. [12:56]
  • Dynamic lifecycles of devices - you can’t ship and forget! Are manufacturers embracing this concept? [13:52]
  • Security isn’t a product it’s a process. Secure today doesn't mean secure forever. [15:00]
  • Collaboration in the ecosystem. IoXT Alliance and PSA Certified announcement: overcoming fragmentation [17:10]
  • Enabling security both for software and for hardware. [19:00]
  • The vision of PSA Certified and the Root of Trust (RoT) [19:50]
  • PSA Certified helps to drive the understanding that hardware Root of Trust actually means something and that we shouldn’t do it all in software. [21:20]
  • IoXT Alliance expanding into commercial lighting, smart buildings and cellular IoT. [23:30]
  • What does it mean if a cell phone has IoXT certification (at a high level!) [24:05]
  • The growing awareness of security not being an afterthought, enabled by frameworks, APIs etc [26:46]
  • Brad’s one piece of advice: don’t go alone! When things go wrong (which they will) you don’t want to be on your own. Be part of the herd and don’t be left behind. [27:40]

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