Security for Smart Lighting: “If It’s Smart, It Can Be Hacked”

David is joined by Jan Münther (Head of Digital Product Security, OSRAM) to discuss the cost of failure of insecure smart lighting, the growing security demand from customers and the need for IoT security best practice.

Epsiode Featuring

Jan Münther

Head of Digital Product Security, OSRAM

David Maidment

Director, Secure Device Ecosystem, Arm

Security is now being actively demanded by our customers - as a quality criteria. It's something that can make or break your position in the market.

Epsiode Notes

Key talking points in this episode: • More about Jan and OSRAM [01:00] • Why is device security important to OSRAM? [03:10] • Are companies starting to understand the cost of failure of inadequate security? [05:28] • Hacks are often carried out due to basic and fundamental flaws, not sophisticated hackers [07:43] • The balance of digital transformation, cybersecurity and the cost of scale [10:05] • Devices at scale and hacking devices at scale [11:55] • Jan’s thoughts on PSA Certified and security baselines [15:00] • What has fundamentally changed with security – why don’t existing certification schemes work for IoT? [17:00] • If we know all the issues – why haven’t we fixed the security issues? [18:10] • Awareness of security knowledge and security experts are desperately needed [20:40] • Jan’s predictions and advice for the future [21:45] • Myth-busting IoT security not adding value: you can sell it [24:10]

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