IoT Security Podcast: Series 2

Series 2 of the #beyondthenow podcast will be delving deeper into IoT security challenges for different end market verticals and how new technology innovations are complicating security.


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Series 2 of the #beyondthenow IoT security podcast will be taking a deeper look at security challenges for different markets, including industrial IoT, consumer IoT, and smart cities. The series will also explore how new technology innovations such as the emergence of the edge are complicating security further.

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Enabling Digital Transformation Across All Industries

The PSA Certified 2021 Security Report highlighted that significant barriers to IoT security design and implementation remain, including the additional cost, a lack of expertise, and regulatory fragmentation. The report also found that the size of a business significantly impacts their ability to implement security, with just 33% of small companies carrying out a threat model in the design of every new product compared to 67% in large companies.

This gap is not just present between different-sized companies, but also between different industries and market verticals, with each sector facing its own unique security challenges to overcome.

For example, the Industrial IoT market has to manage the upgrading of legacy devices and new industry-specific standards, whilst those in the consumer IoT market have to manage and predict changing consumer expectations.

In series 2 of the #beyondthenow podcast, we'll be breaking down the unique IoT security challenges of these different end markets and how ecosystem collaboration is crucial if we are to see a truly connected world. Subscribe now to stay up to date on the latest episodes!

Smart Cities

Security for smart cities and building automation is crucial if we are to see the widespread adoption of smart city IoT devices on the scale needed to unlock the possibility of connected cities.

Consumer IoT

In series 1 of the #beyondthenow podcast, we debunked the myth that consumers don't care about security. Here we explore the fundamental role security plays in building consumer trust.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT offers unprecedented new functionalities and services that can transform industrial markets. However to realize this potential security must be designed in to all IIoT devices.

What to Expect From Series 2

In series 2 you can expect to learn about cybersecurity for different end-market verticals, how we can take advantage of new technology innovations without sacrificing security, and the impact of digital transformation on different industries. You'll also learn about the value of IoT security frameworks and how we can work together on the solutions of the future.

Frequently discussed topics include: - Digital transformation of different industries - Securing new tech innovations - Industrial IoT security - Smart city security - Consumer IoT security

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