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The new IoT security podcast, designed to bring you the information you need to know, from the industry experts. Tune in to learn more about security concerns and challenges and to chat about realistic, scalable solutions.

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Join David Maidment, PSA Certified founder, as he speaks to industry leaders to discuss their views on the past, present, and future of IoT security.


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#beyondthenow Podcast Episodes


ODMs and OEMs must prioritize IoT security: “Security is just as necessary as your device power supply”

Dr. Juan Nogueira

Sr. Director, Connectivity, Global Technology Team, Flex

In this podcast, David is joined by Dr. Juan Nogueira, Senior Director of Connectivity Center of Excellence, from worldwide ODM, Flex. They have a fascinating discussion about how Flex approaches security and why there is always space in the bill of materials for security. They also talk about how ODMs are not only creating IoT but also embracing IoT – it’s one not to miss!


"IoT Security Relies on the Cloud to “Prevent Scalable Attacks”

Richard Barry

Senior Principal Engineer & Founder of the FreeRTOS Project, Amazon

Richard Barry joins David to talk about the role of the RTOS in IoT, the increasing complexities that need to be considered when connecting devices to the internet and how security must be a mindset from the beginning of product development. The discussion also covers the coordination of device-side and cloud-side security to look at patterns from a fleet of devices and prevent scalable attacks.


"Building-in Surety and Confidence" to Speed IoT Deployments and Adoption

Peter Armstrong

The Senior Subject Matter Expert Cyber, Munich Re Group

This podcast takes a slightly different format as we host a panel session. David joins Peter Armstrong, Cyber-insurance expert at Munich RE and Duncan Jones, Senior Product Manager at Pelion. Peter provides a fresh perspective into the industry and explains how insurance companies model the risk of the IoT. We discuss where the liability lies and Peter describes how companies can build trust into their products and drive adoption of the IoT at scale with surety, confidence and the backing of insurers.


The Journey to Secure IoT: “Secure Today Isn't Secure Forever”

Brad Ree

CTO, IoXT Alliance

In this podcast, David is joined by Brad Ree (CTO of the IoXT Alliance) to talk more about their journey to make IoT more secure for consumers. They also talk about the partnership between PSA Certified and IoXT Alliance and how it’s easing fragmentation in the IoT ecosystem.


Myth-busting: "Consumers Really Do Care About IoT Security"

Peter Stephens

Head of Secure By Design Cybersecurity, DCMS

Peter Stephens joins David to talk more about consumer IoT security concerns and some steps they can take to secure their homes and businesses. There is also a unique insight into governmental views on IoT security, artificial intelligence, and the DCMS approach to making the UK a more secure place when it comes to IoT devices.


Security for Smart Lighting: “If It’s Smart, It Can Be Hacked”

Jan Münther Head of Digital Product Security, OSRAM

David is joined by Jan Münther (Head of Digital Product Security, OSRAM) to discuss the cost of failure of insecure smart lighting, the growing security demand from customers and the need for IoT security best practice.


Modernizing Automotive Security: "Autonomous is 30 Years Away"

Peter Busch Product Owner DLT Mobility, Robert BOSCH

David is joined by Peter Busch (Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies Mobility at Bosch) to discuss expanding automotive cybersecurity and modernizing 100-year old protocols to take us beyond the now. We also touch on the difference between safety, security, and privacy, plus the role of digital fingerprints.

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