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Cybersecurity for Building Automation

Connected devices are being deployed in a range of commercial and residential environments to help building owners and operators manage their properties more efficiently and cost-effectively, and even prevent problems before they arise. Lighting, heating, ventilation, security, and access can all be managed and optimized using the data and insight provided by the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT development solutions provider, Embedded Planet, helps organizations turn their existing properties into smart buildings. The technology enabled one owner to remotely monitor their vacant premises. Data on temperature and humidity was gathered by its sensors and the owner was alerted to any unexpected changes. This enabled them to detect a leaking pipe before it caused damage, which saved time and money.


Unfortunately, as several high-profile cyberattacks have demonstrated, the same data can create significant problems if it falls into the wrong hands. That is why Embedded Planet has developed solutions that have security built-in and are independently assessed by world-leading security experts.

For example, its Biblios wireless node with cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and LoRaWAN connectivity options, and a range of sensors, has achieved PSA Certified Level 1 certification. PSA Certified is a global partnership that provides a comprehensive security framework and multi-level evaluation scheme to reduce the complexity, cost, and time involved in securing a connected device.

Embedded Planet relied on PSA Certified components that already had security built-in to make its journey to security more straightforward, including utilizing the Infineon PSoC™ 64 secure microcontroller (Arm Cortex-M4) and Mbed OS operating system. Now, other firms can innovate knowing that Embedded Planet’s Biblios wireless node is helping them establish a foundation of trust.

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