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An Ecosystem Approach to IoT Security

Leveraging the Security Expertise of the Ecosystem to Build Trust in Remote Healthcare Devices

The cost of securing a connected device is one of the main barriers to implementation but are we willing to pay the price of insecurity instead? In the healthcare sector, for example, an attack on an Internet of Things (IoT) product could expose patients’ confidential data, disrupt care, or even affect people’s lives.

Global technology, supply chain, and manufacturing solutions firm, Flex, believes device makers cannot afford to not protect their products from hackers. So, to help them bring the benefits of connected technologies to this market without compromising security, it has developed a new sensor integration development kit.

The Flexino modular platform enables its customers to select components, prototype and scale their ideas quickly, and still ensure their devices are trustworthy. It does this by following the PSA Certified framework and designing security into the platform, starting at the silicon.

The Flex solution utilizes the Arm-based STM32L4 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics and FreeRTOS system software, which have both been independently verified as being secure as part of the PSA Certified framework and multi-level evaluation scheme. The scheme enables companies like Flex to ensure each component has security built-in and speed up its own journey to security certification by re-using security certificates. The Flexino sensor integration platform has now achieved PSA Certified Level 1 status from an independent third-party lab, which demonstrates that basic security requirements have been met and its approach to security is in line with industry best practices and major industry standards and government regulations.

Flex’s commitment also means that its customers, even companies that do not have their own team of security experts, can confidently create new products because they know they are building on a strong foundation.

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