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Making Security for Linux-based Devices Quicker and Easier Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Securing a Linux-based device can be challenging and time-consuming, which is why set out to make the task quicker and easier. Its cloud infrastructure service, FoundriesFactory, builds security into the device software from the outset. That means original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can utilize it and adapt it to their own use case knowing they are not increasing their customers’ risk of cyberattack.

The company has achieved PSA Certified Level 1 certification to show that its platform has been developed in line with security best practices. That includes assessing the threats to the device, using threat modeling and security analysis; and addressing the PSA Certified 10 Security Goals - in particular, ensuring devices can be monitored and updated securely throughout their lifecycle.

Enabling Secure Over-the-air Updates is Critical to the Longer-term Security of a Device

At we believe the most up-to-date software is the most secure. The PSA Certified Level 1 awarded to FoundriesFactory is the first given to a Linux-based solution and validates that we are working with the best-in-class approaches to security. Our customers continue to focus on their own business value-add in the knowledge that the security of their shipped devices is maintainable via FoundriesFactory.
George Grey, CEO,

PSA Certified Level 1 certification also helps assure its customers the platform they are building on aligns with the latest baseline cybersecurity requirements and regulations, including EN 303 645, NIST 8259A, and Californian State Law SB-327.

Next Steps

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Demonstrate Security Best Practices in IoT System Software

PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Functional API Certification enable the verification of system software solutions aligning to industry best practices and make security development on software platforms quicker and easier to implement.

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