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Cybersecurity for Smart City Applications

Cities are built on a complex network of infrastructure. Some of it we can see. Some of it is buried deep underground. So, how do we monitor the condition of these interconnected assets in the harder-to-reach areas and ensure the people who are responsible for maintaining them stay safe? In smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are being used to check for hazardous conditions or signs of wear and tear. For example, city administrators can use smart sensors to monitor the temperature, humidity, water level, gas concentration, and oxygen saturation levels under manholes. The data these devices gather helps to protect workers from potentially dangerous situations and provide predictive maintenance information on utility networks.

With safety-critical environments, the infrastructure operator must be able to trust the data that is being gathered, which means it must come from a trustworthy device. Seoul-based SDT Inc. offers a secure foundation on which IoT developers can build new smart city applications. SDT’s smart city solution includes system-on-modules for SDT smart hubs, and integrates with operating systems, connectivity, security, and cloud services to provide the starting point for a range of applications.

SDT has five PSA Certified products using STMicroelectronics silicon, which are all based on Arm architecture. This means SDT has followed a four-step security framework to ensure its products are developed in line with industry best practices. PSA Certified also assures that world-leading laboratories have assessed the device as having the right level of security of built-in.

Prior to PSA Certified, the biggest challenge was proving that we consider security in all layers when we are building our smart devices. Now PSA Certified gives us security guidelines and offers our customers an independent rating they can trust.

Jiwon Yune, CEO and Founder, SDT Inc.

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