The Ecosystem Unlocking Trust and Business Assurance for Digital Transformation

How can you select trusted suppliers who are taking security seriously?

Digital transformation is spearheading a rapid acceleration of connected devices

We're seeing more use cases, applications, and end-products than ever before. As these come to market, services are scaling, and supply chains are becoming hyper-connected, resulting in the realization of benefits and efficiencies of digital transformation.

Without security, IoT adoption will halt

However, as we unlock new use cases, we’re also unlocking a new, widened attack surface which is very attractive to hackers and adversaries. It poses an important question: how do you know that your IoT implementations or the suppliers enabling your IoT implementations are secure? How do you stop your company and your products from falling victim to hacks, that ultimately cause business interruption, data loss, and dwindling customer confidence? PSA Certified is a partnership committed to serving the growing demands of consumers, businesses, governments, and insurers to show an audit trail of compliance for IoT security. Together, we are building a framework and certification scheme that verifies security best practices, giving you the confidence to create and deploy at scale, whilst also protecting the connected future.

For Manufacturers

Save costs and speed time-to-market for implementation security best practices

  • How do you know what level of security your product requires?
  • How do you embrace security practices while managing costs and time-to-market?

89% of tech decision-makers recognize the silicon, software and endpoint devices as the core components holding liability in the case of a hack. Meaning for manufacturers, the choice of secure components and software is critical.

PSA Certified helps Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to get devices independently verified by third-party labs to demonstrate security compliance to customers. Manufacturers can leverage pre-certified silicon and software and build security best practices using an expert framework that is free of charge. The certification program is recognized and adopted by regional regulations and industry leaders to deliver assurance at scale.

PSA Certified’s independent certification scheme provides us with the evidence we need to assure organizations that basic security requirements have been met. We’ve also benefited from the growing security ecosystem, as we were able to build our platform using silicon components that have been independently assessed by PSA Certified labs.

Dr. Juan Nogueira, Sr. Director, Connectivity Center of Excellence, Flex

For System Integrators and Consultants

Offer the best foundation for designs with the right level of security robustness

  • How do you know your silicon provides the security features your customer's demand?
  • How do you know your system software will make use of the underlying silicon security?
  • How do you keep up to date with the latest market security requirements?

Our research found just 47% of respondents are carrying out threat modeling for the design of new products and satisfaction with security expertise within companies is as low as 44%.

The PSA Certified partnership is made up of close to 100 certified products, including the majority of the world's leading chip vendors, and major operating system and RTOS providers. These certified components form the foundation of systems, saving costs, accelerating time-to-market, and leveraging the investment made by the certified components.

We're gathering the ever-changing security requirements and regional regulations from around the world, to provide an up-to-date scheme that is easy to follow and understand. Built on multiple levels of robustness, it is a fast-track for your customers to unlock best-practice security for their use case.

For Insurers and Service Providers

Providing an audit trail of compliance to objectively measure security best practice

  • What does "secure" really mean?
  • How do you know you can deploy services at scale with confidence?
  • How can you have an audit trail of compliance for best practice security adoption?

With an estimated 5,400 attacks on IoT devices every month, resulting in $10.5 trillion of cybercrime damage by 2025, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

PSA Certified is a lab-based independent assessment of security, with broad adoption and industry backing. The certification program is built to ensure all parts of the ecosystem take proactive steps to security, built upon a Root of Trust. The Root of Trust provides a gold standard for security best practice starting at the silicon, meaning that the software and devices built upon this foundation are based on trust. PSA Certified creates an audit trail of compliance, with a live database of certified products, allowing insurers and service providers to quantify the risk as IoT deployments and services rapidly scale.

The defined Root of Trust protocols that talk to nuanced issues can provide confidence and an easy win for insurers. It can speed up adoption and deployment of the new technologies because we can offer warranties to back those technologies. So, in essence, it is important for the technology industry to lead and continue to embrace the requirement for compliance in this evolving environment.

Peter Armstrong, Senior Cyber Subject Matter Expert, Munich Re

For End Enterprises

Secure digital transformation is possible with PSA Certified devices

  • How do you know that the products powering your business are secure?
  • How do you know the products you're procuring are secure?
  • How do you measure security from your suppliers?

84% of companies that have adopted IoT have reported a breach and the confidence of tech decision-makers in their companys' security expertise is as low as 44%.

PSA Certified delivers easy-to-understand certified products that you can trust, with a broad ecosystem of partners who have embraced best practice security. Our partners have all implemented a security baseline, built upon a foundational Root of Trust. The third-party evaluation of products provides verification and certification of products you can trust. This makes it easier for you to pick the best suppliers for the secure products powering your business.

Embraced by the Electronics Industry

PSA Certified is being adopted by the rapidly growing ecosystem of silicon vendors, software providers, and device manufacturers.

Alongside certified partners, certifications are aligned to and recognized by regional standards including ETSI and NIST, and industry bodies including UL, ioXt Alliance, and SESIP.


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Bridging the Gap

At the end of 2020, we surveyed over 600 tech decision-makers and found a disparity between perceptions of security and the reality of security implementation. Read our report to discover more about key challenges and how we can bridge the IoT security gap.

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