PSA Certified

An Introduction

The billions of connected devices that are being shipped every year offer us unparalleled insight into the world around us, whether that’s our homes, our businesses or our city, state and national infrastructure. This digital transformation is enabled by impressive and innovative technology but ultimately, it has to be built on trust.

The only way to build people’s trust in Internet of Things (IoT) devices is to ensure that security is designed-in at the beginning of its journey, starting at the silicon. Poorly made products are easy targets for criminals and hacks have become increasingly simple and cheap to carry out. While several, high-profile examples have demonstrated the damage that can be caused by weaknesses in basic security, they have also moved the issue to the top of leaders’ digital transformation agenda. Governments and industry organizations around the world are now drafting new security regulations to protect users.

While greater scrutiny is welcome and important, the different standards worldwide, for example, in Europe, the UK and USA, make it hard for you to know where to start your security journey, and how to meet the demands when you are scaling your product globally. That is why we have developed PSA Certified, a comprehensive security framework and assurance scheme.

It's hard to know how to meet the demands of security... that's why we developed PSA Certified

IoT is changing how enterprises are doing business, how they are designing products and services, and how they're able to move faster into full digital transformation.

PSA Certified reduces the time, cost and risk involved in building a trustworthy device and it aligns with major industry standards and government regulations. It enables you to implement the right level of security in your device and showcase your security commitment to your customers through independent, multi-level evaluation and certification. Importantly, the scheme also draws on years of research and best practice from across the industry and in doing so creates a common language that it is hoped will give everyone in the IoT ecosystem, including silicon providers, device makers, cloud vendors and consumers, a way of understanding and assessing the security of a product.

In this document, we have described the key features of PSA Certified and outlined the steps you should take to build security into and certify your IoT device.