PSA Certified Program Overview

A global partnership providing independent evaluation demonstrating your commitment to IoT security. Learn about PSA Certified, and how to begin your IoT security journey in this overview.

The IoT Security Landscape

Digital Transformation is Driving Change

The billions of connected devices that are being shipped every year offer us unparalleled insights into the world around us, whether it’s controlling the heating in our homes, saving energy in our offices, or creating efficiencies in our cities and infrastructure, the possibilities are huge. Mass acceleration of connected devices driving new data-driven services are creating this new age of opportunity however, no matter how advanced the technology, or how clever the engineering, digital transformation can only succeed when it is built on trust. Trust unlocks the future we all imagine, but the only way to build trust in the Internet of Things is to ensure that security is designed-in at the beginning, based on the Root of Trust (RoT). Security must underpin every connected device.

Security is Top of the Business Agenda

Our research found that 90% of tech decision-makers believe security is important to their company. Despite this, just 66% are taking active steps towards security requirements for digital transformation and only 87% are satisfied with the quality of IoT security implementations within their company. The growing need for security has been recognized, and we can see the signs reflecting a change in a previously neglected landscape.

Barriers to IoT Security Remain

Despite companies embracing security, our research found barriers blocking IoT security design, with fundamental security principles being missed, huge differences in security implementations between large and small companies, and pertinent issues around the IoT security costs and fragmentation in the industry.


carry out a threat analysis in the design of every new product

41% of companies sized between 1-49 employees are satisfied with the level of security expertise within their company, compared to 88% in companies with over 10,000 employees.


consider fragmentation of standards and regulations a top challenge for IoT security


consider the costs of security to be a top barrier to improving it.

Bridging the Gap

We can clearly see that business leaders, product owners and developers are focused on tackling security issues, our research highlighted two fundamental mechanisms that can accelerate IoT security across the industry: Collaboration and Certification.


are interested in industry collaboration and cross-market sharing to improve IoT security.


are interested in an industry-led set of guidelines to help build IoT security into products.


value external certification to provide independent measurement best practice.

Tying together a standardized approach with an independent evaluation will democratize security, reduce fragmentation will build security into the digitally transformed future. In this overview, we outline how the PSA Certified partnership is reducing the barriers to IoT security, creating a connected devices industry that embraces collaboration.

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