PSA Certified at Embedded World 2021

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Revolutionizing Embedded Security

PSA Certified was launched at Embedded World in 2019 with a mission to transform embedded security. The security framework, including a certification program, has led to an ecosystem of products, built upon the PSA Root of Trust, that all align to fundamental security best practices.

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Hear from PSA Certified Founders and Partners

The PSA Certified founders hosted roundtable sessions throughout the week at Embedded World. Joined by partners, they discussed how security implementations and certification help to drive consistency in end markets.

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Securing IoT Ecosystems with Secure Components

In this discussion, Gonda Lamberink - Senior Business Development Manager at UL (a PSA Certified co-founder) speaks alongside David Maidment - Director of Secure Devices Ecosystem at Arm (a PSA Certified co-founder).

They provide an overview of the IoT security landscape, how it is evolving and how companies can demonstrate security capabilities to streamline security for IoT devices and ecosystems.

IoT Security - Case Study on Industrial

In this roundtable, Meng Wang - Senior Business Development Manager at SGS Brightsight (a PSA Certified co-founder) is joined by Dr. Juan Nogueira - Senior Director of Connectivity Center of Excellence at Flex, and Hector Tejero - IoT Solutions Architect at Arrow Electronics.

They discuss key IoT security challenges for device manufacturers and how they're taking steps to change the industry and drive security best practice.

The Value of Higher Level IoT Certification

In this discussion, Bernie Rietkerken - Senior Sales and Business Development Manager at Riscure (a PSA Certified co-founder) is joined by Mike Dow - Senior Product Manager of IoT Security at Silicon Labs. They discuss why higher levels of IoT security are becoming more important in responding to increasing hacks and market drivers. They also cover how developers can validate the security of their IoT devices using certification.

IoT Security Best Practice in China

In this roundtable CAICT, a PSA Certified co-founder are joined by Nuvoton, AITOS, Ingeek and Arm China.

They discuss how they are implementing security into their solutions and validating their security expertise with PSA Certified, providing a standardized level of security across the value chain. This is followed by a roundtable conversation with all partners to discuss the role of trust and collaboration in IoT.

Benchmark Your IoT Security

Learn more about IoT security and find solutions to revolutionize your product security.


PSA Certified 2021 Security Report - Bridging the Gap

The inaugural PSA Certified IoT Security Report takes a pulse point on where we are with security today and where we need to be, highlighting the importance of collaboration to bridge this gap.


#BeyondtheNow IoT Security Podcast

Hear from device manufacturer Flex, chip vendor Silicon Labs, and award-winning international keynote speaker, author and influencer Sally Eaves as they discuss the practical IoT security solutions enabling digital transformation.


PSA Certified Program Overview

PSA Certified offers a full IoT security framework and certification program, easing the route to security and reducing the key barriers including upfront costs, alignment to standards and a lack of security expertise. Find out more in our Program Overview

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