The Evolution of PSA Certified

PSA Certified at a Glance

PSA Certified is a security framework for the IoT sector. Initially introduced by Arm in 2017 as the Platform Security Architecture or PSA, it was designed to help developers build-in the right levels of security to connected IoT devices.

It has since evolved into a four-step process and, in 2019, six industry leaders joined Arm in founding PSA Certified. PSA Certified is a security framework certification program that demonstrates a commitment to security and alignment to worldwide requirements.

Since then, PSA Certified has seen global adoption and has defragmented security on a common Root of Trust, ensuring companies have the confidence to create innovative solutions without viewing security as an optional extra.

Explore the History of PSA Certified

November 2021

PSA Certified is Awarded Ecosystem of the Year

Together with our partners, we’re building a more secure IoT and it’s great to have our efforts recognized by achieving Ecosystem of the Year at the IoT Global Awards.

October 2021

PSA Certified celebrates over 80 certified products

With the majority of the world-leading silicon vendors supporting PSA Certified and a growing ecosystem of system software providers and device manufacturers, we are providing the confidence to create together.

February 2021

PSA Certified is 2 years old

We recap the momentum of PSA Certified since 2019, taking a look back at the certifications achieved, the growing ecosystem of partners and our continued efforts to align the industry across regulations, industry bodies, certifications and methodologies.

February 2021

The first PSA Certified Level 3 achievements

We celebrated the first PSA Certified Level 3 certifications, showcasing protection from scalable software and hardware attacks.

February 2021

Launch of the inaugural PSA Certified Security Report

The PSA Certified IoT Security Report takes a pulse point on where we are with security today and where we need to be, highlighting the importance of collaboration to bridge this gap.

October 2020

PSA Certified launches its first industry survey

With a mission to understand the key challenges and concerns of the industry, PSA Certified commissioned a survey tapping into the opinions of business leaders across the technology industry.

March 2020

PSA Certified Level 1 is updated to align with emerging standards and momentum continues with device level certifications

As new standards and legislation emerged, bringing new challenges to the industry, PSA Certified Level 1 was updated with mappings to requirements. This enabled the first wave of device manufacturers to gain widespread recognition and alignment with the world’s biggest markets.

February 2020

The first PSA Certified Level 2 achievements

The first silicon vendors achieve PSA Certified Level 2. PSA Certified Level 2 chips provide robustness against scalable, remote software attacks for devices through lab-based assessment of the PSA Root of Trust.

October 2019

PSA Certified passes the 25 products mark

PSA Certified Level 1 continues to gain momentum throughout 2019 and the first partners begin to work on their PSA Certified Level 2 certifications.

August 2019

PSA Certified appoints certification body – TrustCB

TrustCB joined as the certification body and scheme manager of PSA Certified. With a strong experience in operating high assurance certifications programs, TrustCB ensures the standardized quality of certifications and issues certificates.

February 2019

PSA Certified is launched at Embedded World 2019

Seven co-founders launch PSA Certified, a multi-level scheme allowing silicon vendors to demonstrate their security capabilities, providing a hardware-based Root of Trust. Silicon vendors and system software providers achieve PSA Certified Level 1.


The need to test and certify systems being developed to PSA specifications/standards is identified. Arm and industry leaders start developing PSA Certified – an architecture-agnostic evaluation and certification program, that encompasses an additional fourth step in the security framework – certify.

October 2017

Arm launches Platform Security Architecture (PSA) as a three-step framework – analyze, architect, implement – aimed at raising the standards of security across the IoT-device sector. The three-step framework offers freely available resources including threat models and security analysis documentation, hardware and firmware architecture specifications, and OS reference implementation code, APIs and an API test suite.

The Partnership Leading the Charge to Secure Digital Transformation

Our vision is for the IoT to be built upon devices with a certified Root of Trust, and for all connected devices to have demonstrable security built on common, best practice principles. Our partners and ecosystem are all taking proactive steps alongside external labs to demonstrate security robustness. They are leading the charge to make secure digital transformation a reality in the future.

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