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Join our vision for a more secure future

Since the inception of PSA Certified, we've been looking over the horizon to predict how to work towards a more secure tomorrow. As individuals and societies are becoming ever more reliant on interconnected devices, the increased connectivity creates increased risk.

PSA Certified exists to usher in the new future of secure connected devices that protects and benefits everyone in the IoT ecosystem and beyond.

Resources: Building A More Secure Future

Security experts and PSA Certified founders share opinions and advice to embrace the opportunities ahead of us with trust and assurance built in.

Accelerating the Path to Digital Transformation

David Maidment, Founder of PSA Certified, shares his opinions on the three factors that will accelerate digital transformation.

Standards and Regulations: The Current Landscape

As standards and regulations continue to evolve and emerge, we explain the current landscape and outline a strategy to futureproof in this ever-changing industry.


IoT Security #beyondthenow Podcast

Join David Maidment, PSA Certified founder, as he speaks to industry leaders to discuss their views on the past, present, and future of IoT security.

Where to Find the PSA Certified Team

Discover upcoming or catch-up on past events with the PSA Certified team. Stay tuned for the latest developments from PSA Certified and listen to thought leaderships discussions straight from the experts.

In Conversation With... The Leaders Driving the Future of IoT

In Conversation With... Silicon Labs

We caught up with Mike Dow, Senior Product Manager for IoT Security at Silicon Labs to find out why he decided to certify his products and where he sees the future of IoT taking us, the exciting and the not-so-exciting parts.

In Conversation With... Nordic Semiconductor

In this interview with Svein-Egil Nielson, CTO of Nordic Semiconductor, we tap into the challenges and opportunities presented by IoT security and Svein-Egil shares his predictions for the future of IoT for developers.

Building Trust in IoT

Hear directly from our partners on how the PSA Certified framework and security certification programme has streamlined the security journey.

Some quotes from our PSA Certified partners

"PSA Certified brings everything together and gives the IoT mass market a reference package for security"

Christophe Mani, STM32 Ecosystem Security Marketing Manager

"Device manufacturers know that our platform is certified on the best global standards which means they can follow those standards, too, and we don’t need to open up our product source code for verification or provide stacks of documentation"

Suik Hwang, CEO, Security Platform Inc.

"It’s difficult to find the engineering resources to implement remote systems securely” ... “With PSA Certified, I know that out of the box, I have a very solid foot in the door to making a reasonably secure device, platform, or ecosystem..."

Kevin Townsend, Senior Embedded Engineer, Linaro, & Zephyr Project member

"Growing connectivity makes how you implement security even more important and trusted implementations is the value of being PSA Certified. The PSA Certified approach to security is critical to building a trusted environment"

Louis M. Parks CEO and Chairman, Veridify

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