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Security Platform Inc.

Utility companies expect strong security features in smart meters but device manufacturers are not security experts...PSA Certified is very organized across all layers and helps us avoid inefficient and lengthy development.

Suik Hwang, CEO, Security Platform Inc.


PSA Certified shows that the ST solution is secure and easy to implement. Device manufacturers can offer consumer products that are less impacted by price and can innovate quickly without the heavy burden of specialized engineering expertise.

Christophe Mani, STM32 Ecosystem Security Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics

Linaro, A Zephyr Project Member

With PSA Certified, I know that out of the box, I have a very solid foot in the door to making a reasonably secure device, platform, or ecosystem if I’m basing it off something that is PSA Certified Level 1 or has the Functional API certification.

Kevin Townsend, Senior Embedded Engineer, Linaro, & Zephyr Project Member


PSA Certified is a huge benefit to everybody in the industry because it provides the basis for a meaningful conversation about security. We can show our customers security is not a “black arts” endeavor, but a system design process.

Erik Wood, Director, IoT Secure MCU Products, Infineon


As we expand our business geographically, the PSA Certified program enables us to maximize our products’ security and brand visibility, and ultimately the value we offer customers. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way forward for the entire industry.

Jason Lin, Vice President, Nuvoton Microcontroller Application Business Group


Just 2-years ago, ZAYA was secure but when manufacturers asked for proof, we didn’t have any. Now we can just show them the PSA Certified accreditation, which proves we’ve been assessed by an independent authority.

Murak Cakmak, CEO and Founder, ZAYA


Built-in security is fundamental to our products, so our customers get the security that’s appropriate for their use case at a market-competitive price

Gowri Chindalore, Ph.D., Head of Technology & Business Strategy for Embedded Processors, NXP

SDT Inc.

Security isn’t a technology our customers want to tackle—they’d prefer to have it as a type of insurance. By selling them cloud services paired with PSA Certified devices, we’re providing them the type of insurance they need.

Jiwon Yune, Founder and CEO, SDT Inc.


PSA Certified reinforces the quality and performance of our AI chipset ... We can offer a compelling cost model to many of the leading smart device makers and give them the assurance they and consumers need around security.

Rudolf U, Senior Director of System & Solution Design Department, UNISOC


Security tends to be a bit of the Wild West... Not only does PSA Certified offer third-party validation, but it provides a growing platform within the PSA Certified program with opportunities for strategic alignment.

Louis M. Parks, CEO and Chairman, Veridify

Microchip Technology

PSA Certified is something that lets us qualify our statements and validates our security assertions... That is very powerful because as PSA gains traction, we're already ahead with industry-leading security our customers can trust.

Anand Rangarajan, Product Marketing Manager, Microchip Technology

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